Jan 17, 2007

January Photo Competition

Fun, Fun, Fun! I think that we can all agree that this is not your typical January! I live in the San Fernando Valley, in a spot where in July on the 22nd the temp. was 122 degrees, way above normal. Compare that to almost 6 months later exactly, and we are in the middle of some crazy deep freeze. All of my plants have turned brown from the cold, pipes are bursting all over town. The So. Cal. girls have their Uggs pulled up to their navels! Through all of the weirdness, we are being treated to some unusual sites such as ice and frost. Occurances that just dont happen in Los Angeles often!

To have some fun in these odd times, a fab new blog called The Year of Living Gorgeously has launched a monthly photo contest! The theme for Jaunary, are you ready for this . . . . .is "January"! What does the month mean to you? How does it look out of your front door? I am going to take advantage of this weekends birthday festivities to take some primo drunken photos. That's January in my world. How does it look to you? You have until January 30th to submit your images.

Just a side note, The Year of Living Gorgeously is brought to you by Paola Thomas, the wit and wisdom behind MirrorMirror (pee your pants funny!). Even if you aren't a photo bug, you should click on over and take a look at the new blog. It is fabulous!

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paola said...

You're a doll. Thanks for the shout out. (Not sure about the thought of my readers peeing their pants though).