Jan 16, 2007

New Year, New Reflections, Part II

It's funny. Turning 30 is not something I ever thought would effect me in any kind of way. To me, age is just a number. A way of denoting who can drink, who can drive and who can vote. But really, no one is a standard 23, 47 or 62. My dad just turned 70, which is scary to me, but you would never guess his age. He is not shuffling around the grocery store (unless he is trying to embarrass me anyway). I try not to discount the benefits of wisdom that come with age and experience, but the thought that I can say I have known someone for 25 years really makes me a little queasy. Have I really been alive that long!?

I think that for part of this years new years resolutions, I will be a little easier on myself than last. You see, I made myself a promise last year that by 30 I would have so many things under control i.e.: nail biting, weight loss, organization, etc. I focused on very me things. Things that on the surface make my life a bit messier, and things I felt that weighed me down psychologically (no pun intended). As it turned out, last year was amazing in other ways, career wise, and relationship wise, and strength wise. I still need to let my poor nails grow, and to cut back on the chocolate, but that will come in time. This year I resolve to let myself be human, to laugh a lot, to dance even more, and to enter the next decade clear, driven, and focused on the
positive. . . . Now I hold all of you to hold me to it! LOL

To see more resolutions, check out the Self Portrait Challenge.


Alecia said...

I'm turning 30 soon and I feel the exact same way. In fact, all of my friends are going through the same thing. It's like a mid-life crisis for women.

One thing that's helped me this year is this quote:

"Life doesn't have to come to you in your twenties. You have sixty years, seventy years more of life ahead of you. You have to live all of it, so you don't necessarily have to get what you want when you're 21. You can get what you want when you're 31 or 41. There's this real mythos that life only exists for the young, and it's just not true. It's really rewarding forever."

melba said...

I looked through your site and Etsy store last night, but didn't comment and then I saw you posted for SPC.

I love your art.
Very unique and inspiring.

Nicole said...

ahhhh, 30. i will be thirty this year too. my younger self would have said, like you, that all would be organized by this point.

but, it is not all as planned. and i love your idea of just accepting it.

you photo is so cute and candid!

mcaplan said...

Alecia-that is an awesome quote! Thank you for sharing it with me, and all of us!

All of your comments really make me blush, and I really appreciate everyones support! I cant say it enough!

decor8 said...

I see it like this, if you are THIS amazing at 30, where will you be when you're 35 or 40? Some people aren't where you are at now and they are 50 or 60 or 70. Some die and never had the experiences and joy in their life that you have. Be happy and count your blessings - you have so many that are obvious, and so many more lurking beneath the surface that will reveal themselves as you continue to grow up.

If it makes you feel any better, someone told me that your youth ends when you're 40. You still have a good 10 years left in ya.



Joanne said...

I absolutely agree with you Michelle! Im just short of 2 years from my 30th and feel it is drawing closer ever so quickly - and I so agree with alecia's quote!
And may I add that age is nothing but a number - you are as old or young as you feel!
Loving all your work by the way - I do have a little query but will email you.

Joanne x