Jan 16, 2007

Showcase Showdown!

Have you by any chance seen the new Showcases over at Etsy?? A few weeks ago this fantastic way to shop was launched and all spots sold out almost instantly! Each day 25 sellers are featured. It is the most fun way to advertise you shop, and a great way to find and peruse sellers you might have missed otherwise!

For Valentines Day, 2 additional showcses have been put together to help you find the perfect gifty for that someone special. Click to the right or the left on the above image(on the Etsy homepage) to either find gifts for boys or girls! They will be up through Feb 14th, and very worthy of a glance! I have a spot today, and several coming up in the next few weeks. I have fun playing with the functions of the showcase. You have to see for yourself!

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