Jan 30, 2007

Learn, learn, learn and teach

This is the last post of the month for the Self Portrait Challenge of resolutions. I am kind of glad to be starting on a new theme, but think that this last post is pretty poignant and important. For my birthday I was given a sewing machine by thoughtful and observant friends who had heard me say over and over again how much I wanted to learn to sew. (One of the great surprises that sparked my post last week.) I patiently waited a week, not opening the box, for a date with my good friends Tyn and Kari so that they could teach me how to turn the machine on! They generously volunteered to teach me, and the fabulous Denise, how to go about threading our needles and make our first projects! I have never sewed before, and it seemed like a very complicated affair. One look at these ladies own sites, and you KNOW that you can learn from them!! OMG!! What a rush! I love the possibilities of sewing!!!! The photo above is of my first stitch! It was hard for me to keep my eyes on the fabric and not get caught up in all the fun we had in our mini class!

I got to make a pillow at the class. A 9-panel patchwork which I thought was really a great way to wrap my brain around the process of sewing and assembling. I feel really excited to learn more, and will be making a valiant effort to incorporate the sewing into my art! I can't wait. Practice, practice, practice!! Learn learn learn!!

My final resolution is to do the things I have always wanted to do. To not be held back by fear, and doubt in myself. You never know. . . . Learning a new trade or material could actually be FUN! I also vow to try my hand at teaching. The thought makes me very nervous, but I have to branch out and get over it! I want to share and there is nothing more fun than seeing the look on someones face as they get it! Kind of like in the photo above. I will teach. I promise.
(Thank you Tyn for recording the moment!)


Anonymous said...

Great additude! Practice does make perfect. :) Wonderful picture! You look very happy. I am soo glad that you get to learn to sew! Congradulations and may you make beautiful things with it!

Georgia said...

Wonderful!!! I bought myself a sewing machine a few years ago.... I have no clue how to sew. I still need to learn.... THIS YEAR!!!!


Christine Marie said...

Michelle, you should definitely teach. I taught a graphic design class for a while at the college I went to. At first I thought I would die of nervousness...but after a few classes you realize how much you actually know, and how eager people are to learn. Kind of like your sewing lesson!

Funky Finds said...

sounds like you're doing better at sewing than i am...and i learned in sept! i need more lessons.

stilettoheights said...

I never learned how to sew either, I am envious of your openness in learning, I am too scared.

Rachelle said...

LOVE that picture!

Abbie said...

Hi Michelle! Kudos to you and Happy Birthday! Isn't it so much fun to learn new things? Especially when you can share it with wonderful friends like that..
:) Abbie