Feb 6, 2007

Creative Courage
I am very excited to share that my work can now be seen at Creative Courage in Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles. Topanga is a very well know creative community set in the hills between the Valley and the Pacific. It is a gorgeous winding canyon that has long been thought of as a hippy community. The community itself is really eclectic. If you visit LA, you should take a drive through!

Lupe, the brains behind the biz, is awesome! Her shop is filled with fun, original items from local and national artists. This is a great place to come to find one of a kind gifts and discover new artists! Lupe is happy to help you find the perfect item you are searching for!

There are also classes taught at Creative Courage by some of LAs best crafters! Tyn Atol of Pookieville will be joining the roster with her Mini-Quilt, Tin Fairy House and Picture Frame classes! Tyn is an outstanding teacher, as demonstrated by my ability to turn on my sewing machine, and I highly recommend taking one, or all, of her classes if you are in the area. I cant wait to take one!


Angela said...

Ohhh that looks sooo kewl! I bet it's loads of fun there! Congradulations on having your work there! :)

stilettoheights said...

your work is so beautiful it makes me almost hurt...but in a good way, when I saw the grouping of your pieces it was just so overwhelming.

Congrats Michelle.

cally said...

Wow looks great to see it all together. And thank you for reminding me about Topanga, I used to live in Venice (back in Scotland now though) and we loved driving to Topanga Canyon for a BBQ. I guess mayb no BBQ's allowed now that fires are such a problem, but in the early 80's it was ok. I would have loved to stuble on your work out there.