Feb 7, 2007

Crafting crazy!

I have been spending all of my non-collaging hours lately dabbling in what I like to call the fiber arts. Over the weekend I found this fluffy yellow fabric in the remnant bin at Joannes and decided to try my hand at making a toy. I have been sewing for a week now! It is about time I took the next step! (I am insane!) This sweet little chicken was featured in the November issue of Martha Stewart Living. The article was about making stuffed animals from recycled felted sweaters, but works just as well with fluffy yellow fabric! He was a great teaching lesson for me, and is now on his way to NY with our friend Michael as a gift for his son Vincent. I hope he likes it!

The girls and I spent Friday night around a crafty table at the Yarn Garden in North Hollywood, CA. The store is on Tujunga. They have an awesome selection of yarn, and that lady in the middle facing the camera? She is Anne, yarn genius! She can help answer all of your knitting questions!!

Knitting has always been one of my favorite hobbies, but this year I am obsessed! I knit these fingerless gloves, a major accomplishment for me! The are so cozy. You can get the pattern from these gloves here. They are a quick knit! Instant gratification! Just how I like it!

Right now I am working on my first stuffed animal. It is a snake I am knitting for my niece. Although I am not using a pattern, I did refer to the cover photo of Zoe Mellors Knitted Toys: 25 Fresh & Fabulous Designs for inspiration. I kind of enjoy just winging it, and making up my own ways to make things. I am stubborn.

Next I am going to try to make a sewn bunny from scratch. I have my fabrics picked out . . . no pattern this time. Lets see how it goes! I will take pictures for the comedy!!


tyn said...

Shut up! You did NOT make that chicken. You bought it didn't you... and tore the lable off... That is so FREAKin cute!!!
You amaze me. Really. Next week you are going to sew a bbq cozy or a whole house or something... start small, just do the garage. If you couldn't tell, I love the chicken, and adhore the snake.And, thanks for the shout out for my classes. YOU rock!

mcaplan said...


mizcarla said...

aaawww those gloves are to-die-for!
Very cute.

*go you* :D