Feb 8, 2007

ReForm School

I am so excited to share that my work can now be found at ReForm School in Silverlake, CA. They carry many of my favorite artists and some very clever lines! This Saturday they are having an opening for a new show by Lisa Congdon whose work is AMAZING. I love everything she does! Tom got me one of her pieces for my birthday which I need to photograph and share! It is so cool.

If you are in LA, you should try to check out the opening, this Saturday night and get a chance to meet Lisa and see all of her new work!! Feb. 10th, 7-10pm at ReForm School, 4014 Santa Monica Blvd. (At Sunset Blvd. in SilverLake), Los Angeles, CA 90029, (323)906-8660.


Anonymous said...

:) If I were in CA. I surely would go! I Bet it's gonna be great! :)

tyn said...

M.that is such great news!! congrats.