Aug 23, 2007

Historic LA
Before heading over to the spray paint extraveganza on Sunday, Hannah and I had brunch and then ventured over to the Barnsdall Arts Market. I am embarrassed to say that I dont know much about Hollywood, and so it is really fun to get to discover parts of this city, that I grew up in (yikes!), that I have never seen before. It is almost like I am a tourist, in my hometown. (Pathetic really) I loved this view of the iconic Capital Records building as we drove through the Hollywood hills.

This was the view from our parking space at Barnsdall Park. That is the Hollywood sign on the left, and the Griffith Park Observatory way off in the distant on top of the mountain to the right of the lamppost. Such a gorgeous view!

I really just wanted to share these pics. You can read all about our adventures at Barnsdall on Creative Swoon.

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Alexiev said...

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