Aug 20, 2007

Spray Paint and Stencils!
Sunday afternoon I got to go hang out at Tyn's with some of the coolest crafters I have ever met. I have been very lucky to be welcomed into their "craft pack" (Tyn, Kari, Paul and Joe, Mike, and Tamara to name a few!), and they inspire me every time!!!

This weekend I was introduced to spray paint and stencils. Not sure if it was the heat, the clouds of toxic paint mist, or if someone slipped me a mickey, but I went spray paint crazy! It was a completely freeing and liberating experience to not really know what would be the end result of each squirt of the can. I tend to plan my projects out, but that would not have been possible here.

These were a few of my finished pieces sent inside to lean and dry. That middle one was done on the inside of a hardcover book. Ripping up books? Right up my alley! I think that one might be my favorite of the creations I made that day!

This one was my grand finale. By the end, I was exhausted and hungry and just plain disgusting from sweating like a madwoman (I was the Howie of the event with the ever present drip of sweat on the end of my nose!). I kept pushing myself to do more and more! (I was having way too much fun!) In a feverish flurry, I sprayed wildly and threw down stencils with wild abandon. Like the last 5 minutes on the fourth of July, I gave it everything I had. And it was a little too much! LOL

Tyn and I swapped pieces, so now this one lives with me! I haven't hung her up yet, but I will. . . I absolutely love it! Thank you Tyn!!!!

You can see more photos from the day here.

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Anonymous said...

I love the pic of the table- all the tables were crazy!!!
A super fun day and I am so glad to came to join in!

mcaplan said...

Tyn! I stole your photo! nee ner nee ner neeee nerrrrr

Funky Finds said...

these are so cool! i want one to hang in my apt!!!

amy said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! It makes me want to get some more spray paint even though I thought I was "done with that" for now. Looks like you had fun. And I love the results :)

stephanie said...

that looks like super duper fun, i use some stencils sometimes, but never like that....hmmmm. LOVE it. thanks for sharing.

Katelyn said...

okay!! WHERE did you get THOSE stencils???? email me, call me, whatever, I HAVE to know, some of them are to die for BEAUtifullll!!! I love spray paint, and I need some of thos estencils to make my life whole. here, i will even post my email, right here, easy. email me!