Aug 21, 2007

SPC: Patterns Wk3

There is a certain time of the afternoon when the sun is just about to set (I guess that would be dusk . . .) and the most AMAZING light comes pouring through the west facing windows of the house. Some days the sun glows red, and I love to sit in the dark and watch the different firey hues cascade across the room. I find a lot of peace and stillness in these moments, which I dont get very often. It is a lovely interruption to my day.

To see more patterns, click here.

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stilettoheights said...

I just moved and my new studio is facing west...I was just emailing someone about this a few days ago....there are moments when the room looks like it's bathed in fire...really very amazing!

mia said...

Beautiful shot. I love the light, it's so dramatic.

nicole said...

the warm colors of the sunset are just wonderful... lovely!

platinum blonde said...