Nov 16, 2007

Felt Club details!!!

Tomorrow is the Felt Club: XL Holiday event, and I have to tell you, I am starting to feel something similar to the first day of school butterflies in my stomach! I feel like the event will be so much more than it ever has before, and I cant WAIT to meet people and have fun and check out the Maker Square!

I was just checking out the class list, and there will be a talk by the very cool Meg Mateo Ilasco all about her very cool book Craft Inc. which is quickly becoming a staple in all of us craft-based business owners library! (met her on Thursday at ReForm School, and she is a doll!) She really rocks the topic and I am sure the class is going to be super informative! One to check out for sure! (Go here for a full list of classes.)

With Thanksgiving next week (can you believe it!), and in honor of how awesome FC is, and how lucky and blessed I am to be able to do what I do, I will be doing my best to raise some money for a local organization. My tote bags will be available for a $12 minimum donation, 100% of which will be going to the L.A. Mission. The bags make a perfect grocery tote or gift, and you can help make a difference! If we raise $130.20, we can sponsor a full table of meals for a week! That is my goal, plus some!

See you tomorrow!!!

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1 comment:

One Love Photo said...

Loving the felt club poster, that glue guy is awesome! Shall we buy the totes for charity through your etsy store??? So nice of you to give 100% to charity!! Good Karma for you.