Nov 11, 2007

Sunrise . . . wish I was in bed!

I am up way too early for a Sunday! Our f-ing cats woke me up at 4 and going back to sleep was impossible. I just lay there thinking about all of the things I need to get done and realize that with every thought, I am further and further away from actual rest. But with so much coming up this week, I don't see how I could sleep! I feel like I have a totally one track mind! MUST GLUE PAPER! MUST PLAN BOOTH! It is like I am possessed!

This image is pretty much what I can see out of the high window in my studio. Generally, it is a very blue cloudless sky framed by my neighbors roof and those 3 Palm trees. Sometimes though, there is a little magic, and everything changes. The sky lights up like a painting, and the clouds to mysterious things!

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Anonymous said...

damn cats. mine know when the clock says 6:57. Let the pouncing begin.