Jan 14, 2008

Collage Lab and IF all in one!

I am so excited to finally be able to announce the beginning of my new blog called Collage Lab! Collage Lab is my attempt at the one-a-day scene, and a chance for me to break out of my self-imposed box! My goal is to explore all kinds of materials and styles and give my brain a little free time away from the portraits. I learned a great deal from this holiday season, and from having signed up for so many shows back to back! I love love love my portrait work, but I worry that if I keep going as damn fast as I am with them, that I will burn myself right out, and I just dont want that to happen. So, voila, preemptive strike, and the birth of Collage Lab.

I was going to try to begin January 1, but that seemed to be too much pressure ;), so now I choose today!

So, as inspired by this weeks Illustration Friday theme stitch, and my new found obsession with flowers (more on that later), I share with you this piece! I hope you like it!

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elizabeth said...

Beautiful! This kind of work must take such patience. I applaud you for that, and for the new blog. I hope it proves fruitful and liberating!!

Tickled Orange said...

It's beautiful!

Elin said...

Great job! I love that you're doing a daily thing - I am too. Come visit my blog.


delaverobum said...


Toni said...

Feels very Scandinavian to me, so soft, very accessible. Love the hints of texture in it, also.

Kelly C. said...

This is beautiful! Love the mix of textures.
Congrats on the new blog!

decor8 said...

Did you do this by hand or machine? I really like the technique, very nice. I wonder if I could try my hand at something like this - but for me - once a week. That would be fun - collage Friday. :)

I'm happy that you're exploring alternatives and looking outside of the box because it's important to do this for your own sanity and also from a business perspective it can show your range. Will you eventually sell these collages as well??