Jan 18, 2008

IF: Plain

My take on todays IF theme plain. Like the butterfly flew from the plain, monotone world, and into color.

I think that my Friday Collage Lab pieces will be the inspired by each weeks IF theme. I kind of like the idea of that additional, once-a-week challenge, to make sure I am not all over the map!


SkyOrange said...

i love the concept.. butterfly flying away from the plain world.
nice work on the collage.

claudine hellmuth said...

ohh beautiful Michelle! love this!

Nicole said...

Beautiful collage!


just gorgeous in every way !!!

One Love Photo said...

so brave you are to do this collage lab daily project! I was very inspired to attempt something similar after seeing a John Evans show in SOHO last year.Can you imagine? Making a collage everyday for 26 years? What a leap it is for you to post daily. Good luck with one year. I will enjoy checking on on your daily creations!