Jan 18, 2008

You can be a smarty pants too!

**Advanced warning: most links in this post will ask to launch the iTunes application)

I saw something not too long ago on one of the news shows that iTunes had begun what they are calling iTunesU. If you haven't been, GO! At your finger tips are podcasts from some of the top schools and universities in the US, including MIT, UC Berkeley, Otis College of Art and Design, and Yale to name a few, PLUS MoMA has a few lectures, and and they are all 100% free! You can subscribe to a class, download the podcasts to your iPod and go to the gym, or just play the right off of iTunes, and not clog up your memory.

Yesterday I listened to a hysterical lecture called The Art of Literary Humor given by author Ian Frazier. I was sitting here gluing, and laughing out loud. (Click here to hear that podcast.) This reminded me of going to see David Sedaris last year at UCLA, which was way too funny! It is wonderful to be able to listen to a contemporary author, especially the funny ones, read their own essays because they paint such wonderful scenes in you mind!

I also listened to a few minutes of a Modern Art History class given by Jeanne Willet which was very cool. She has many lectures offered and covers everything from Impressionism to Dada. I will definitely be listening to those! I am also kind of excited to start listening to some of the podcasts from the Aurora Forum at Stanford.

The Smithsonian has a huge listing of music and dance from all over the world, which includes videos of traditional dances and OMG is it amazing!

Just think, you could actually study at on of these great learning institutions without the insane student loan debt! I really love the internet! I mean, I loved it before, but this is just too cool!

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