Jan 28, 2008

Birthday Bear!

I realize that she isnt a toddler, but I couldn't resist knitting this awesome bear for Hannah for her birthday! I was a little freaked out at first. When I finished the first portion, of the body and head, it looked awful! I was SO sad, but kept on going hoping that appendages and a good stuffing would make it all better! The snazzy scarf doesn't hurt! In the end, it all came together, and I am very excited to have finished him in time! Hannah named the bear Mitch, (not sure why, but who's to argue??).

The pattern for this one was out of one of Zoe Mellors nursery knitting books that I got for my birthday from the hubs. I learned a great deal about shaping from this project. I am determined to be more adept with the needles. I am working up the nerve to knit myself a fab sweater. I am just not ready yet for that much time investment, with little experience.

Hannah and I have a tradition of making gifts for each other, and she has plenty of art! Mitch the bear will be happy to keep her company on her adventures. Hannah is planning on moving to Portland later this year. :(

More later on her gift to me. You wont believe your eyes!!


Funky Finds said...

that is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

you are so amazing. Mitch is wonderful!!!

Paola said...

Mitch is a great name (my maiden name is Mitchell) and you've done a great job with him. I knitted a little bear for my daughter and it looks more like a cat.

And I'm glad Hannah is moving to Portland because then you'll visit and I can come and meet you..