Feb 7, 2008

Funky Fresh Fun!

I haven't had a chance yet to share with you how awesome our evening was last Friday at Fresh Pressed! Holy cow, WHAT A BLAST! Hannah and I each sat and drew our own designs on white paper, which was no small feat, let me tell you! You've seen my work. I might be an artist, but I dont really draw, and when I do, I get scared! I end up with old art school flashbacks, and the terror sets in! So sitting at a table, in public, with designy people all around is not my idea of a no pressure situation. It was of course self imposed pressure, but pressure nonetheless.

Hannah chose to create an awesome Love themed shirt just in time for Valentines!

I decided that I would draw something that I could print on a shirt for myself, and then on a mini one for my niece. She is a giraffe fiend, so that set the tone. I will freely and happily admit to having traced the outline, then changing it a little. The spots are all mine though! LOL

Jonathan is one of the main cheeses over there. He rocked out Hannahs screen for her and gave great pointers.

Michelle was kind enough to help me with my tees. She was awesome to work with! I loved every second of it!

Here is the big girl version. . . .

. . . and this is the one for Emma. She refused to try hers on, claiming at first sight "No, too big!" Wouldn't even touch it! What does she know? Right. . . .

Yeah, it is too big. (How did her little jedi mind know?) She finally tried it on for me last night, and well, its a little large for her, but it's still cute! And lets face it, 2 year olds grow an inch a week, dont they? It will fit in no time! ;)

If you are of the fence about whether or not Fresh Pressed is for you, get off your perch and get on over there! You can go just for fun, or I can see having a great baby shower there where everyone makes an awesome personalized onesie for the baby, (something similar was recently done for Susan Beal!) or a fab birthday with friends and maybe smuggle in some wine. Drunken drawing! Now THAT would be fun!

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HannahMade said...

I had so much fun...I can't stop thinking about what I'll make next!

miriamdema said...

fresh pressed does look kinda awesome! i do all my own screen printing but it's great to know of a place i can send folks to learn. thx for the tip!

Anonymous said...

looks so much fun!!