Feb 6, 2008

Nahcotta Update!

Scratch what I said about there being over 200 pieces in the Enormous Tiny III show! The ladies updated their blog today, and are in the process of hanging over 350 pieces! 350! Can you believe that! Wow! And they're all amazing!

They just added images of work done by Gardner Foss to the Flickr set. I was unfamiliar with his work until now, and I am smitten! Wow! (I cant seem to find a website when I Googled the name. Odd.)

Imagine standing in that room, with all of these talented peoples work. I think I would cry. I really dont think it would be very different than being in the Metropolitan, or MoMA. (And yes, I do occasionally get emotional and weepy at the museum. I just do.) I realllllly want to go to this show! Maybe next time I will plan it out! It is just too amazing to only be viewed on the web!

(All images courtesy of Nahcotta)

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