Feb 1, 2008

LOVE my new pendant!

As I mentioned earlier this week my dear friend Hannah and I have a tradition of making our holiday and birthday gifts for each other, and because our birthdays are only 4 days apart, it works out pretty well! We take a day and exchange gifts and then do something fun in our own geeky kind of way. (Monday it was sushi and then we went to see Juno, followed by an afternoon of craft plotting.;)

This year, Miss. Hannah has taken on a whole new skill! She is now working with PMC. I havent' really learned much about the process yet, but she sure has peaked my interest! I just about died when I opened my gift to find this pendant in the box! Can you believe how freakin' cool this is!??! I am so honored by the amount of thought and planning that went into this piece!

She chose one of my favorite Collage Lab pieces, the one that I did on my birthday (!), and topped the whole piece off with gorgeous turquoise beads, so that the length of the piece is adjustable! My my my! I am smitten and love everything about this!!!

I have been wearing it with the tassel to the front because I am loving the color and how it all looks together! I know it belongs in the back, but I cant help it! I keep finding myself playing with the beads in traffic, almost absentmindedly.

**No need to be jealous! After may stops on the street, and email inquiries, Hannah has added the Art Pendant to her Esty shop! Any photo or image can be placed in the pendant, or you can have one like mine! They will be made to order, and can be engraved on the back! Mine has a secret message, just for me! ;) We may also do some in the future with my portraits in them! What do you think??

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decor8 said...

I think Hannah really is amazing that's what I think, and that she is a really great friend. :) Hold onto her, she's a keeper.

Anonymous said...

it is really beautiful.