Jun 21, 2006

Brad Rickerby

I normally reserve my Etsy reviews for Creative Swoon, but I can barley contain myself. Sunday night I was clicking around Etsy and on the home page I found this watercolor painting among the featured pieces. It is STUNNING. The artists name is Brad Rickerby and he is the nicest man on the planet! I visited his studio in LA today to was blown away by the work in person! These photos are good, but still they do not convey the depth of color and movement in these works. The one above is huge, 30 inches wide, and this one below is 22.5. My husband and I have been going back and forth with what the pieces remind us of. The one above, to me, is like an ice storm in Winter. The colors shinning as if through prisms of icicles and I think of wind chimes and rustling leaves.

Tom, my husband, says that this piece reminds him of his summers on Long Island when he would walk to the beach. He sees the moment just before cresting the sand banks and seeing the water at sunset.

I can't even begin to understand how Brad does these beautiful pieces, and I dont think I want to know! Then all the magic would be gone! I just want to stare! I am now the proud owner of 3, yes 3, of Brads works! I cant wait to get them framed and figure out where they will be hanging! I will post pictures when they are all situated!

Heat 2

The colors go where they want. You talk to them, you tell them the plan, you cajole, flatter and plead. You think you have come to a meeting of the minds. You apply them. And - The colors go where they want. It's best not to corral them. It's hopeless anyway. Best just to make soft suggestions and watch with childlike glee as they intermix and mingle.-from Brads description of his process

You wouldn't believe how affordable these works are if I told you, so just click over to his store, Brads Visions, and take a look for yourselves. I swear you will not be disappointed! You actually wont believe your eyes! I am talking about an 18" x 24" ORIGINAL starting at $30.00. Fine art and so affordable, you'll end up with a collection in no time! ;)


(All images courtesy of Brad Rickerby)


Funky Finds said...

Wow - his work is fabulous! So cool that you went to his studio, too.

Amy said...

I stumbled across his wonderful paintings at Etsy today as well, they're stunning.

susan said...

i really like the glen and the second one! very cool. and yes, no reason to ever buy prints of artwork when there is sooooooo much original art around at reasonable prices! very cool....