Jun 18, 2006

Found Magazine

You know those random pieces of paper you find in the grocery cart, or in a parking lot? In my case, I find old scraps stuck in books or in stacks of old papers at a flea market. Now all of these treasures have a home!! Found Magazine R-O-C-K-S!!! I love it so much I added it to my bloglines so that almost everyday I get a treat.
I recently found this note and it is the most poignant I have come across in my digging to date. So generous and tender, but with an air of mystery. I have submitted it and maybe one day when I click on the bloglines link I will see it out there, living a new life on the web!

Here is a sampling: (Be sure to read the explainations!)

The Feng Shui Was Not Right

Thank You For Saying Yes

Leave Me Be

Last Warning

Your Breath Stinks

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