Aug 30, 2006

Cleanliness is next to . . . I have no idea, but it rocks!

I have a confession. I am a closet organizing FREAK! I love the rearranging and reassigning that is cleaning house! I love when the garbage cans are full to the brim. The house just feels lighter, and I know that I am not going to find any crazy spider web or earwig stuck behind the tools in the closet. Yuck!

In our living room we have 3 of the largest, most useful closets of all time. However, in the 20 months that we have lived here I have failed to make the fully functional . . . until Sunday!

I think I was inspired by Alicia Paulson's amazing photos of her repainted studio, which I featured last week on Creative Swoon. I really am so relieved and excited! Everything has a home. The entry of the house is tidy. My art is no longer manipulating the space!

Dont ask what possesed me to paint this great found dresser blood red, and then crackle the outside so that it would look like veins on a ghost, or something from "The Cell." I have no idea, but it seemed like a good idea at the time apparently. Live and learn!

What is cool is that the inside of the drawers and the surface of the shelves are all collages, each with a different theme from someplace either my husband had traveled, I have traveled, or we have been together. Aaaawwww! (I know, I know! I will go get some crackers for all that cheese.)

My craft fair displays are all ready to go for selling at the Craft Fair at the Rose Bowl Sept. 10th. The yarn is were I can see it! And the little closet in the dresser serves well as a place for all things sewing/knitting. (You can tell I dont sew much, 'cause there all of my supplies fit in that box!) It is a miracle! Yeah baby!

And yes, that is a bright shiny silver label you see in the upper right hand corner of each drawer! I wouldn't have it any other way!

Who knew I could reveal how messy my kitchen and studio are, just by taking a shot of my newly improved shipping closet! As you can see, I still have A LOT of work to do!


Teresa said...

Ohh I love to organize too. Now you have made me in the mood to go clean some very cluttered places. Your house looks really cool too! I also loved looking at the pictures from Creative Swoon, thanks for the link.

Have a great day!


Loralee Choate said...

If ever prayed I think I would pray to be a freak like this, but NO! My only area of anal retentiveness is my grocery list. Fat lot of good that does ANYONE!


Rockin' haircut.

lia said...

I've been on a cleaning binge since summer ended and back to the old routine. I was vacumning the ceilings and baseboards today....I also love filling the bags. the glad flex are my favorite! I'm starting to organize my closets...they need help! I have a white cabinet in my "studio" that I have chalk full of stuff. I love closed storage and see through bins best. you are on a roll, wow, I don't have your energy, but I can be a neat freak at certain seasons of the year!

lorna said...

How wonderfully organised you are. I love it! I wish I had that many places to put my stuff- alas it just sits in boxes, slowly growing and eating up my rooms. (and I thought the crackle glazed cupboard was beautiful).