Aug 28, 2006

What a weekend!

I have to say this was a pretty productive weekend. I had an order I needed to get these 2 pieces done for. My client had seen the IF:Capture post a few weeks ago and was sad to see he had sold, so she ordered one! I love how they turned out! They will go great together in her home.

Saturday night I got a lesson on how to make Bath Bombs! Jamey made Blue Gardenia, in my honor(!!!). I love Gardenia! So sweet and sexy! I can't wait to try them out! Tom thought the 2 mini ones were funny, but then as he was putting them down, 1 exploded in his hand! He hulked it, and it turned to dust! He had a look of his face like he ate the canary! Too funny.

I also made home made won-tons for the very first time ever. They were intended to be get well won-tons for Jameys mom, but she wasn't up for guests, so we all enjoyed them without her. (Sorry Randee!!) I have to say that they were pretty easy, given that I just sort of made up a recipe, and yummmm! Next time we have a party, I know what the appetizers will be!!

Sunday was super busy, spent reorganizing and creating an awesome craft closet. I still need to photograph it, but once I do, I will post about it for sure! I am way too exicted about it! I am just so relieved to be organized! I know I am sick, but I am sure you can relate to how good it feels to have things in order! Be back with photos soon!!!


Funky Finds said...

You had a much better weekend than I did, I have to say! What are those wontons made with???

Anonymous said...

Randee better. Randee hungry. Randee wash hair. Randee wash pits (finally). Randee is wanton.
Randee want wanton.

Anonymous said...

Those wontons were amazing! You missed out Mom!