Aug 27, 2006

Friendly Posting

There was a lot of posting happening this week! I was so excited to see that I was included in the Craftzine blog! That is very cool. I cant wait for the magazine to come out! I am sure that I will learn TONS from it! Or at least have a good time drooling over the pics!

And thank you to Coxi over at Life*Fever for the lovely and kind words! Coxi is a total design devotee and finds the most beautiful items and people to write about. You can see that write up here.

There was also this sweet mention over at Collage Cat and a great Felt Club write up at Poppy Talk.

Thank you everyone!!!


Miz Carla said...

Thank you Darlin!!!

You give us something cool to post about :D I found you on the art-e-zine site (I think) and fell in love with your art on the spot. I'm a sucker for all those yummy layers and the cool imagery you use.

Miz C

coxi said...

You're welcome!
Your work is amazing!!!
Keep up with it!