Aug 30, 2006

A weight off!

You had better belive that if I am going to talk about something as mundane as a haircut here, that it had better be DAMN GOOD! And it is! My curls are under control, and what I refer to as my "Jesus Hair", (flat and long on top, and then crazy wavy from the ears down) is no more! I am not even going to tell you how incredible my highlights are . . . oh wait, I just did! They rock!

I am giving a shout out to Brig, my new best friend, who has recently opened her own salon Play in Simi Valley. It is a great space that will be completely renovated as of October 1, and the vision is awesome! Wood collages, doll chandeliers, and a lounge environment are sure to bring a little spice to Simi! If you are in the LA area, I promise you that Brig and her collegues are well worth the drive. And really, lets face it, with all of the traffic in the city, Simi is closer than you think!

As Jamey said to me earlier today, it's like Self Portait Wednesday!! ;)



hchilde said...

Seriously fabulous! YAY!!!!! You're ready for your close up!

Funky Finds said...

You look great! And I was laughing my ass off about the Jesus hair comment :)

Leslie said...

Just popped by to tell you that I am in love with all of your artwork!!! I may have to swing by the Felt Club Show to see your goods! :)

And cute, cute haircut! :) My hair is very jesus like right now, and I must devise a hair plan quick!

Anonymous said...

You so perty! -alese

Anonymous said...

Wow! LOVE it! Gorgeous locks!
:) Abbie