Sep 13, 2006

Rose Bowl Pics

Sunday was a great day at the Rose Bowl Antique and Craft Fair in Pasadena, CA. My friend Hannah and I got ourselves a booth there and it was tons of fun!!! We want to thank everyone who came out!! It was a great day. We met lots of people and everyone had such kind words for us. I love getting to interact with people and explain my work to them. Hearing first time reactions is always fun. You can see more images from the event here.

We had so much fun, we will be doing the event again in October. More info to come. We will be in the same spot we were in Sunday!

1 comment:

Ouissi Gresty said...

The stalls look fabulous...I love the baskets, containers & your work off perfectly...I hope I can make mine look as good on Sunday!!

Ouissi x